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Merchant Partner (MP)

BDTCOIN offering Merchant Partner program for those who has a own group of Sales team known as Affiliate Team . Where Merchant can promote and sale Bdtcoin directly or by Affiliate's team . Merchant and Affiliate don't need to buy Bdtcoin to start sale. A Merchant can create unlimited affiliate link. This is Absolutely free to be a Merchant and Affiliate both.

Eligibility to Be a Merchant Partner (MP)

  • There are two (2) requirements to get opportunity to be a MP.
    1. a. Active Social Media Subscribers or groups.
    2. b. Active Email.

    Registration process

    Who are eligible to be a Merchant Partner, can register from link below and apply for Merchant Partner Program (MP). During applying for Merchant, applicant need to provide social media groups or channels links for approval. After successful verification merchant will be approved. Procedure may take 2-3 days.


    Merchant Partner will enjoy 2.6% commissions from their any sales (direct sale or sales from Affiliate's Team).

    Affiliate's Commissions

    Affiliate's will enjoy four (4) level commission.
    # Level Commission
    01 First Level 4%
    02 Second Level 2%
    03 Third Level 1%
    04 Fourth Level 1%


    Merchant Partner and Affiliate will enjoy Instant Commission and Withdrawal facilities.

    Coupon for Investors (Merchants only)

    If MP want to give bonus bdtcoins to their investors, MP can create coupon code giving bonus upto 5%. The percentage that MP will use to make coupon, it will be deducted from their commissions.

    Example: suppose MP is made a coupon for 3% bonus. Then after using this coupon, MP's investor will get extra 3% bonus and MP will get 2% commissions instead of 5% from their Investor's investment.