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B2B Partner (B2BP)

BDTCOIN offering B2B Partner program for those who has a own investor's groups or communities. Where a partner can sale Bdtcoin directly to those groups or communities .

Eligibility to Be a B2B Partner (B2BP)

  • There are some requirements to get opportunity to be a B2BP.
    1. a. Having a Company or Marketing Agency.
    2. b. Active Website and Email.
    3. c. Having Own Investors Community.

    Registration process

    BDTCOIN will provide a link to register. Through registration process, applicant need to apply for B2B Partner Program. During application applicant has to submit their eligibility’s link. After successful verification, submission will be approved. Procedure may take 2-3 days.


    B2B Partner will enjoy 20% commissions.


    B2B Partner will enjoy Instant Commission and Withdrawal facilities.

    Coupon for Investors

    If B2B Partner want to give bonus bdtcoins to their investors, can create coupon giving bonus upto 20%. The percentage that B2B Partner will use to make coupon, it will be deducted from their commissions.

    Example: suppose B2B Partner make a coupon for 10% bonus. Then after using this coupon, B2B Partner's investor will get extra 10% bonus and B2B Partner will get 10% commission instead of 20% from their Investor’s investment.