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Affiliate Partner (AP)

BDTCOIN offering Affiliate Partner program for All who has a interest to earn money by using his own referral. Where a Affiliate can promote and sale Bdtcoin directly or by building Affiliate's team. There is no necessary to buy Bdtcoin to be Affiliate. A Affiliate can build team with unlimited Affiliate and earn upto four levels.

Eligibility to Be a Affiliate Partner (AP)

  • There are two (2) requirements to get opportunity to be a AP.
    1. a. Interest to earn
    2. b. Active Email.

    Registration process

    Who are interested to be a Affiliate Partner, can register from link below or create wallet and apply for Affiliate Partner Program (AP) from Button . During applying for Affiliate, applicant need to provide social media groups or channels links (if have) for approval. After successful verification, Affiliate will be approved. Procedure may take 1-2 days.

    Affiliate's Commissions

    Affiliate's will enjoy four (4) level commission.
    # Level Commission
    01 First Level 4%
    02 Second Level 2%
    03 Third Level 1%
    04 Fourth Level 1%


    Affiliate will enjoy Instant Commission and Withdrawal facilities.