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What an IEO and how can we benefit?

IEO stands for Initial Exchange Offering, which is a fundraising method in the cryptocurrency space. In an IEO, a cryptocurrency exchange acts as an intermediary between a project issuing coins and investors. The project sells its coins directly to investors through the exchange's platform.

How an IEO typically works?

1. The cryptocurrency exchange selects projects it deems worthy of conducting an IEO.

2. The project issues its coins and offers them for sale on the exchange's platform. Investors can participate in the coin sale using the exchange's native coin or other cryptocurrencies accepted by the exchange.

3. After the coin sale concludes, the coins are listed on the exchange for trading, usually within a short period after the IEO. This provides liquidity to investors who participated in the coin sale.

Potential benefits of participating in an IEO:

1. Trust and Security: Since the exchange conducts due diligence on behalf of investors, participating in an IEO can provide a certain level of trust and security compared to investing in a project's coin sale directly.

2. Ease of Participation: Participating in an IEO is often more straightforward than participating in traditional initial coin offerings (ICOs) since investors can use the exchange's platform and their existing accounts to participate.

3. Access and Convenience: Participating in Crypto Coin's IEO would be convenient for investors because they can use the exchange's platform, where they likely already have an account, to purchase coins. This ease of access could attract more investors to participate in the coin sale.

4. Liquidity: Coins issued through an IEO are typically listed on the exchange soon after the coin sale, providing investors with immediate liquidity to buy, sell, or trade the coins.

4. Exchange Support: By conducting an IEO on a cryptocurrency exchange, Crypto Coin could benefit from additional support provided by the exchange, such as marketing, promotion, and liquidity support. This support could help Crypto Coin gain visibility and attract more investors to its project.

4. Potential for Price Appreciation: If Crypto Coin's project succeeds and gains traction in the cryptocurrency market, the value of its coins could appreciate over time. Participants who purchased coins during the IEO phase could potentially benefit from this price appreciation if they decide to hold onto their coins or sell them at a later date.

Why Choose Our Coin?

BDTCOIN Is Completely Gold Standard Digital Currency.

Mobile Payment

Use electronic systems to send and receive money. It feels like all of us are using some form of the digital payment system. BDTCOIN is a completely digital currency. Users buy products or services with BDTCOIN. The use an online wallet to transfer BDTCOIN from one user's wallet to another.

Investment Projects

As well as becoming the first cryptocurrency to launch a completely gold standard, BDTCOIN will become well known as early adopters of the currency often became BDTCOIN millionaires through mining and Investment in the currency. It is clear that BDTCOIN will impact the cryptocurrency Market.

Protect the identity

While a lot of effort has been made to increase BDTCOIN's privacy, new ways are constantly emerging to reveal the identity of users. Anonymity in the world of cryptocurrencies is still an area of constant development. However, there are some ways to protect all kinds of data on the network that will help secure crypto assets

Security the money

BDTCOIN is dramatically different. A BDTCOIN transaction authorizes only a specific value to a specific recipient and cannot be forged or modified. It does not reveal any private information, such as the identities of the parties, and cannot be used to authorize additional payments. Therefore, a BDTCOIN payment network does not need to be encrypted or protected from eavesdropping. In fact, One can broadcast BDTCOIN transactions over an open public channel, such as unsecured WiFi or Bluetooth, with no loss of security

Paper wallet

A paper wallet is created with a keypair generated on a computer with no internet connection. the private key is written or printed onto the paper and then erased from the computer. The paper wallet can then be stored in a safe physical location for later retrieval.

Hardware wallet

A hardware wallet is a computer peripheral that signs transactions as requested by the user. These devices store private keys and carry out signing and encryption internally, and do not share any sensitive information with the host computer except already signed (and thus unalterable) transactions. Because hardware wallets never expose their private keys, even computers that may be compromised by malware do not have a vector to access or steal them.

Software wallet

The first wallet program, simply named BDTCOIN, and sometimes referred to as the JUS client, release in 2022 by JUS as open-source software. The client moved from the wxWidgets user interface toolkit to Qt, and the whole bundle was referred to as BDTCOIN-Qt. The software bundle was renamed BDTCOIN Core to distinguish itself from the underlying network. BDTCOIN Core is, perhaps, the best-known implementation or client.

Cold storage

Wallet software is targeted by hackers because of the lucrative potential for stealing BDTCOINs. A technique called "cold storage" keeps private keys out of reach of hackers; this is accomplished by keeping private keys offline at all times by generating them on a device that is not connected to the internet. The credentials necessary to spend BDTCOINs can be stored offline in different ways, from specialized hardware wallets to simple paper printouts of the private key.

Coin Allocation & Funds Distribution

Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept coin payments.

Marketing: 25%

Bussiness Development: 25%

Product Development: 10%

Reserve: 10%

Reserve: 10%

Coin Sale: 20%

Marketing: 25%

Bussiness Development: 25%

Product Development: 10%

Reserve: 10%

Reserve: 10%

Coin Sale: 20%

ICO Coin Details

Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept coin payments.

  • Start

    Dec 16, 2022 (9:00AM GMT)

  • End

    Jun 16, 2023 (9:00AM GMT)

  • Number of Coins for Sale

    14.2 Million Coins

  • Minimal Transaction

    10 Coins / Transaction

  • Acceptable currencies

    BTC , USDT



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